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If you are having an issue with your stove-such as burners don't come on or you can smell gas-or if you have any other issues with your stove, you need professional help from a repair technician.  Please call our Las Vegas Stove Repair toll free number and we will set up an appointment to get your stove back to optimum shape.

Simply call us at our Las Vegas Appliance and Air Conditioning Repair toll free number to schedule your same-day stove repair:

702 331-8324

For parts only: 800-370-9281

Please note that all purchased stove parts are shipped directly to you

Or contact us by email at: Please include your name, contact information and a brief explanation of the stove problem that needs to be repaired. Once we receive the email, we will contact you immediately to schedule your appointment with Las Vegas Stove Repair.

We service and repair all stove brands and models:

Kitchen Aid
Magic Chef

Jenn Air

White Westinghouse
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Our stove repairs service area includes all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Please view the list of areas that we service below. If you do not see your area listed, please contact us to find out if we are able to provide you with stove repair services:

Las Vegas
North Las Vegas
Blue Diamond
Boulder City

Indian Springs
The Lakes
Sunrise Manor

Cactus Springs
Cottonwood Cove
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Please read the following educational information in order to learn how to extend the life of your stove, as well as how to save energy-and money on your utility bills-by using your stove in the most efficient way. Please remember that this information is offered for educational purposes only and it is not suggested that you do stove repairs yourself. Since stove repairs require experience and professional training, it can be extremely dangerous if you do not have this experience or training. In addition, repairs to gas and electric systems are especially dangerous if you don't have the knowledge or experience needed. For experienced, professional help from a trained stove repair technician call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

702 331-8324

Stove How It Works

Each stove face burner has its own control for ignition and flame height. Gas shoots from the small holes in the burner side down the tube to the igniter, where a spark or pilot flame causes flame to shoot, back to the burner. A manual gas control valve for each burner sends gas from the main supply down a vent tube to its burner. If the burners do not light. The gas supply is shut off, the pilot light has gone out or an electrical control has failed
Solution: Turn on the gas, Relight the pilot and make sure you have electric power, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, check the thermostat and timer.
Sooty flame is caused by improperly adjusted shutter, Air shutter is clogged. Easy stove repair solution is to adjust the flame, Clean and reset

Before Calling for Stove Repair Help

If nothing electrical works, check the circuit breaker at the service panel. Verify that the range's electrical plug is solidly in its receptacle.
If the clicker won't ignite a surface burner, the small ignition holes on the side of the burner may be clogged. Clear them with it toothpick. Note that surface burners can be lit with a match even when the power is out.
If the surface burners work, but the oven will neither bake nor broil, the clock may be set for self-cleaning or timed baking. Consult your manual.
Checking Stoves Heating Elements
Be sure to test the stove burner heating elements for grounds when checking for con­tinuity with the VOM. When an element fails, always find the cause. Often it is improper usage. Attempts to heat the kitchen with the range, pans which don't fit squarely on the element and foil wrapped over the stove-unit drip pans without leaving an opening in the bottom all lead to overheating and premature failure. The last practice can also lead to poor baking results by blocking the free flow of air from the upper oven vent. Since these problems will result in greatly increased stoves service expense, it's wise to look for them at any time that an element fails.
When replacing a stove element, be sure that all connections are clean. Solder as well as crimp any replacement terminals because of the high current load. Tighten all connections securely, and use only high-temperature wiring for replacement purposes.

For help call us 24/7 at:

702 331-8324