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If you are having an issue with your garbage disposal-such as it leaks or doesn't come on-or if you have any other issues with your garbage disposal, you need professional help from a repair technician.  Please call our Las Vegas Garbage disposal Repair toll free number and we will set up an appointment to get your garbage disposal back to optimum shape.

Simply call us at our Las Vegas Appliance and Air Conditioning Repair toll free number to schedule your same-day garbage disposal repair:

702 331-8324

Please read the following educational information in order to learn how to extend the life of your garbage disposal, as well as how to save energy-and money on your utility bills-by using your garbage disposal in the most efficient way. Please remember that this information is offered for educational purposes only and it is not suggested that you do garbage disposal repairs yourself. Since garbage disposal repairs require experience and professional training, it can be extremely dangerous if you do not have this experience or training. In addition, repairs to gas and electric systems are especially dangerous if you don't have the knowledge or experience needed. For experienced, professional help from a trained garbage disposal repair technician call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

Disposal How It Works

With the tap running, food scraps are fed into the sink drain.
Disposers don't handle fibrous foods well, so don't feed them banana peels. Celery, artichoke leaves, or corn husks. Also, run plenty of cold water during and after grinding to flush the ground material down the waste pipes.
Note that if your dishwasher drains into the disposer and the disposer clogs. The dishwasher will not be able to drain. The motor spins the flywheel throwing both hammers (pivoting knives) and solid materials against the wall
Solids are caught between the moving knives and the fixed shredder grinding the solids into small pieces. Ground solids are flushed through the holes in the flywheel. It is common to drain a dishwasher into the side inlet. Most disposers have a button for resetting an overloaded motor. Allen wrench socket for turning a jammed flywheel.

Before calling for garbage Disposal Help

If the disposer just hums, it is jammed: Unplug the disposer, or turn it off. Insert an Allen wrench in the socket at the bottom, arid turn the wrench to free the jam. If it doesn't run when you turn it back on, press the red reset button, also on the bottom. If there is no socket on the bottom, unplug or turn off the disposer, insert a wood broom handle, and turn the flywheel. If water backs up even though the disposer is running, the problem is in the drain pipe, not the disposer. Too much waste/too little water has clogged the drain.

For professional disposal repair help call us 24/7 at:

702 331-8324